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Airbnb Coupons: How to get $35 OFF your next booking

If this is your first time using Airbnb you can signup HERE and get Airbnb coupons for $35 off. If this is not your first account you will need to create a new account to qualify. Follow the steps below to setup a new account correctly and qualify for $35 off your next booking. Sometimes this amount of money varies. In some cases, Airbnb offers $35 or more, in other cases it could be $35. Airbnb coupons tries our best to provide you with the best and most up to date coupons and discounts available, this is why we exist! When signing up for the discount, it is important that you read these steps because if done incorrectly you will not qualify. However, if you follow these three steps the process will be very simple and take less then 5 minutes to get $35 of your next booking.


airbnb coupons savings around the world on a map


Step One: Set Up Your Email

First of all, you need an email address to signup and qualify. However, you need an email address that has never been used with Airbnb before. You should not use Facebook as a way to register. This is because your ability to claim a coupon will be effected. Additionally, signing up with an email allows you to manage your Airbnb account better. If you need a new email, you can create a new email account with Gmail. The reason we recommend Google is because it is the most common email that exist. If you feel more comfortable registering with Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other email service this is also fine. Regardless of which email you use you will have no problem registering with Airbnb. They do a very good job being compatible with all email companies.


How to sign up for a Gmail account


Step Two: Create Your Airbnb Account

After you have signed up for a Gmail account you are ready to start the next step. In this step you will create your new Airbnb account. The good news is that you will immediately get $35 OFF your next booking! Once your receive your coupon you will be able to immediately use it for a booking. Because of this it makes it possible for you to book a place with the discount for the same day you signup or a trip two months from now. With that said, if you can book your reservation in advance you will have more options. Also, you will be able to find even cheaper options that the discount can be added to!

To begin setting up your new account click HERE. It will take less than three minutes to complete. When signing up it is IMPORTANT that you select ‘sign up with Email’. This is where you are going to use your newly created email. Also, for your safety, I recommend using your first name and for your last name using only the initial of your last name. Additionally, it is not necessary to use a headshot for you profile if you feel more comfortable this way. You can use any image of palm tree as a profile picture if you like. With this said, Airbnb is an incredibly safe service. These are just precautions you may want to take when when making any public profiles.


How to set up your new Airbnb coupons account


Step Three: Use Your Airbnb Coupons

You have reached the last step. Great job! You have completed the creation of your profile and are now ready to start booking! Your $35 OFF is now waiting as a credit on your account that you just created. This means that when you make your next booking(over $77) the $35 discount will be applied. In conclusion, the discount automatically is added to your booking on the checkout page. It should look similar to the image below.


Airbnb coupons being applied during checkout


Bonus Inspiration!

If you’re in need of some inspiration when making your booking watch one of Airbnb’s recent films! It perfectly captures all the possibilities when traveling the world and staying with locals. Airbnb is becoming a worldwide sensation for good reason and this is only the beginning. The most important thing about travel is to have fun and enjoy your adventure. Airbnb makes it possible to do this and hopefully Airbnb coupons helps make it a little more affordable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Airbnb coupon a coupon code?

At this time the best discount you can get from Airbnb is not a coupon code. The best discount is an Airbnb coupon that you get through directly signing up through our link. Because it is not always easy to understand how to signup, we hope our step-by-step guide has helped you. Lastly, If there are coupon codes in the future we will provide them to our readers! Our goal is to provide our readers with the most up-to-date Airbnb discounts, codes, and coupons.

I really want to signup with Facebook, why do you advise against this?

This first reason is that Facebook does not allow for you to be updated on the status of your trip as easily. For example, If you signup with Facebook and your email address tied to your account my not be the main one you use. In the case that your trip’s host cancels, you may not be aware if your email is not correct.

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