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When traveling one of the most difficult choices to make is where to stay. Airbnb is a great option and if you have already decided it is the best choice for you, be sure to get our $40 OFF discount! However, if you still aren’t sure what the best way to find a place is, we have listed all of the major Airbnb competitors. Additionally, we have listed the benefits of each one depending on your specific travel needs.


What to know about Airbnb Competitors

Before you begin looking at Airbnb competition there are a few things to know. The first thing to know is that Airbnb is the largest booking service for places to stay in the world. Over 200,000,000 guests are using Airbnb. This is important to know because with size comes increased business safety processes. If you’re curious, you can read more about Airbnb’s safety HERE. The long story short is that, although there have been bad stories, overwhelmingly Airbnb is very safe. Airbnb competitors are not necessarily as safe, though they may offer some other benefits. The reason for this is that the size of Airbnb allows for more money to be invested in the safety of guests. Smaller companies just don’t have as many resources and connections to partners to provide the best security processes. With this said, let’s jump into the competitors!


Airbnb's detailed safety practices

Airbnb’s detailed safety practices


Airbnb Competitors is probably the biggest Airbnb competitors. This is because they are the largest search engine for hotels in the world. If you are looking to book a traditional hotel, is one of your best options. They are the best option for hotels just because they have so many options and will provide one of the best prices as a result. As far as safety, the safety processes is up to the individual hotels listed. Airbnb Competitors landing page Airbnb Competitors landing page

Agoda is another great option if you are looking for hotels or resorts. They are almost as big as as and operate in the same way. All of the safety is handled by the hotels or resorts that you book. is a great place to look in addition to just to price check and make sure you are not missing a place. Airbnb Competitors landing page Airbnb Competitors landing page

Homeaway is an Airbnb competitor that is similar in how hosts rent their homes to guests. Since they are relitively smaller than AIrbnb they do not have as comprehensive of safety processes. Homeaway is like the little sibling of Airbnb. They still has a bit of growing up to do in some regards. The benefit of using Homeaway is that you may find properties that aren’t listed on Airbnb. It is important though to always keep your safety in mind and make sure you read the reviews before booking. In conclusion, they are a great up and coming company that has a lot of potential in the future and are worth checking out. Airbnb Competitors landing page Airbnb Competitors landing page


Other Airbnb Competitors

You may be wondering why more companies are not listed. There are two reasons.

The first reason is that within the travel industry there are a few main companies that have monopolies. For example, owns 11 different travel websites. As you can tell, the travel industry is controlled by only a handful of major companies. This is why only the biggest one’s are listed that have major control.

The second reason is that other potential Airbnb competitors are small in comparison to these major companies. As a result, safety becomes such a huge concern that it is not even worth listing them.



The conclusion is that choosing a place to stay and which service to use really depends on if you are looking for a hotel, resort, or to stay in a home. In terms of staying in a home, is really the only competition to Airbnb. That said, Airbnb’s safety and widespread adoption makes it a clear winning in terms of quality of service and options available. At the end of the day it’s all personal preference, but if you are interested in Airbnb, be sure to head over to our discount.